Corporate and Commercial Law

As Tabak&Ongan Law Office, we provide legal services to our client’s corporate law matters, such as company establishment, opening of branch and liaison offices, making necessary applications to the relevant authorities, preparing the bylaws and any other necessary corporate documents, holding the general assemblies and board meetings, capital increase/decrease, matters related to group companies, etc.

We offer our clients a full range of general corporate and commercial law advice on all phases of their corporate and commercial practices, both on a transactional and on-going basis.

Our services also include drafting, negotiation and review of contractual arrangements both on local and international levels, such as sales, distribution, construction, services, licensing, franchise, lease, development, marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, maintenance and support, etc.

We also provide consultancy services to our clients for resolving problems arising from breach of contract and for the legal processes related thereto.